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List of IPA alphabets in Unicode

© 1999.5.14, 2009.5.26 TAKAHASHI Makoto

International Phonetic Alphabet has great popularity in Japan. In our country, IPA alphabet is used in English education of junior high schools. In Unicode,

Lucida Sans Unicode of Windows 2000 conrains all characters of IPA Extension, Spacing Modifier Letters, and Combining Diacritical Marks of Unicode 5.1. If you install this font, you can see these characters in row of Lucida Sans Unicode.
If you download Charis SIL Font 4.106 of The Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and install it, you will see IPA alphabet of SIL font. We found difference between Unicode and SIL font and IPA page. It is shown in Difference list of Unicode vs. IPA.
IPA number of character is referred from IPA Unicode 5.1_ver 1.2_KMN.pdf of IPA Unicode Keyboards
Markus Kramer’s information about Handbook of the International Phonetic Association, Cambridge Press, 1999 is greatly appreciated.

UnicodeIPA Extension
Character Unicode IPA Number Expalnation
Lucida Sans Unicode Charis SIL Font
ɐ ɐ U+0250 324 Latin Small Letter Turned A
ɑ ɑ U+0251 305 Latin Small Letter Alpha/Cursive A
ɒ ɒ U+0252 313 Latin Small Letter Turned Alpha/Turned Cursive A
ɓ ɓ U+0253 160 Latin Small Letter B with Hook/Hooktop B
ɔ ɔ U+0254 306 Latin Small Letter Open O
ɕ ɕ U+0255 182 Latin Small Letter C with Curl
ɖ ɖ U+0256 106 Latin Small Letter D with Tail/Right-tail D
ɗ ɗ U+0257 162 Latin Small Letter D with Hook/Hooktop D
ɘ ɘ U+0258 397 Latin Small Letter Reversed E
ə ə U+0259 322 Latin Small Letter Schwa
ɚ ɚ U+025A 327 Latin Small Letter Schwa with Hook/Right-hook Schwa
ɛ ɛ U+025B 303 Latin Small Letter Open E/Epsilon
ɜ ɜ U+025C 326 Latin Small Letter Reversed Open E/Reversed Epsilon
ɝ ɝ U+025D Latin Small Letter Reversed Open E with Hook
ɞ ɞ U+025E 395 Latin Small Letter Closed Reversed Open E
ɟ ɟ U+025F 108 Latin Small Letter Dotless J With Stroke/Barred Dotless J
ɠ ɠ U+0260 166 Latin Small Letter G with Hook/Hooktop G
ɡ ɡ U+0261 110 Latin Small Letter Script G/Lowercase G
ɢ ɢ U+0262 112 Latin Letter Small Capital G
ɣ ɣ U+0263 141 Latin Small Letter Gamma
ɤ ɤ U+0264 315 Latin Small Letter Rams Horn/Ram's Horns
ɥ ɥ U+0265 171 Latin Small Letter Turned H
ɦ ɦ U+0266 147 Latin Small Letter H with Hook/Hooktop H
ɧ ɧ U+0267 175 Latin Small Letter Heng with Hook/Hooked Heng
ɨ ɨ U+0268 317 Latin Small Letter I with Stroke/Barred I
ɩ ɩ U+0269 399 Latin Small Letter Iota(1989年IPAで廃止された。)
ɪ ɪ U+026A 319 Latin Letter Small Capital I
ɫ ɫ U+026B 209 Latin Small Letter L with Middle Tilde
ɬ ɬ U+026C 148 Latin Small Letter L with Belt/Belted L
ɭ ɭ U+026D 156 Latin Small Letter L with Retroflex Hook/Right-tail L
ɮ ɮ U+026E 149 Latin Small Letter Lezh/L-Yogh Digraph
ɯ ɯ U+026F 316 Latin Small Letter Turned M
ɰ ɰ U+0270 154 Latin Small Letter Turned M with Leg/Turned M, Right Leg
ɱ ɱ U+0271 115 Latin Small Letter M with Hook/Left-tail M (at right)
ɲ ɲ U+0272 118 Latin Small Letter N with Left Hook/Left-tail N (at left)
ɳ ɳ U+0273 117 Latin Small Letter N with Retroflex Hook/Right-tail N
ɴ ɴ U+0274 120 Latin Letter Small Capital N
ɵ ɵ U+0275 323 Latin Small Letter Barred O
ɶ ɶ U+0276 312 Latin Letter Small Capital OE
ɷ ɷ U+0277 398 Latin Small Letter Closed Omega(1989年IPAで廃止された。)
ɸ ɸ U+0278 126 Latin Small Letter Phi
ɹ ɹ U+0279 151 Latin Small Letter Turned R
ɺ ɺ U+027A 181 Latin Small Letter Turned R with Long Leg
ɻ ɻ U+027B 152 Latin Small Letter Turned R with Hook/Turned R, Right Tail
ɼ ɼ U+027C 206 Latin Small Letter R with Long Leg(1989年IPAで廃止された。)
ɽ ɽ U+027D 125 Latin Small Letter R with Tail/Right-tail R
ɾ ɾ U+027E 124 Latin Small Letter R with Fishhook
ɿ ɿ U+027F Latin Small Letter Reversed R with Fishhook
ʀ ʀ U+0280 123 Latin Letter Small Capital R
ʁ ʁ U+0281 143 Latin Letter Small Capital Inverted R
ʂ ʂ U+0282 136 Latin Small Letter S with Hook/Right-tail S (at left)
ʃ ʃ U+0283 134 Latin Small Letter Esh
ʄ ʄ U+0284 164 Latin Small Letter Dotless J with Stroke and Hook/Hooktop Barred Dotless J
ʅ ʅ U+0285 Latin Small Letter Squat Reversed Esh
ʆ ʆ U+0286 204 Latin Small Letter Esh with Curl
ʇ ʇ U+0287 201 Latin Small Letter Turned T
ʈ ʈ U+0288 105 Latin Small Letter T with Retroflex Hook/Right-tail T
ʉ ʉ U+0289 318 Latin Small Letter U Bar/Barred U
ʊ ʊ U+028A 321 Latin Small Letter Upsilon
ʋ ʋ U+028B 150 Latin Small Letter V with Hook/Cursive V
ʌ ʌ U+028C 314 Latin Small Letter Turned V
ʍ ʍ U+028D 169 Latin Small Letter Turned W
ʎ ʎ U+028E 157 Latin Small Letter Turned Y
ʏ ʏ U+028F 320 Latin Letter Small Capital Y
ʐ ʐ U+0290 137 Latin Small Letter Z with Retroflex Hook/Right-tail Z
ʑ ʑ U+0291 183 Latin Small Letter Z with Curl/Curly-tail Z
ʒ ʒ U+0292 135 Latin Small Letter Ezh/Yogh
ʓ ʓ U+0293 205 Latin Small Letter Ezh with Curl
ʔ ʔ U+0294 113 Latin Letter Glottal Stop
ʕ ʕ U+0295 145 Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative/Reversed Glottal Stop
ʖ ʖ U+0296 203 Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop
ʗ ʗ U+0297 202 Latin Letter Stretched C
ʘ ʘ U+0298 176 Latin Letter Bilabial Click/Bull's Eye
ʙ ʙ U+0299 121 Latin Letter Small Capital B
ʚ ʚ U+029A 396 Latin Small Letter Closed Open E
ʛ ʛ U+029B 168 Latin Letter Small Capital G with Hook/Hooktop Small Capital G
ʜ ʜ U+029C 173 Latin Letter Small Capital H
ʝ ʝ U+029D 139 Latin Small Letter J with Crossed-tail/Curly-tail J
ʞ ʞ U+029E 291 Latin Small Letter Turned K(1970年IPAで廃止された。)
ʟ ʟ U+029F 158 Latin Letter Small Capital L
ʠ ʠ U+02A0 167 Latin Small Letter Q with Hook/Hooktop Q
ʡ ʡ U+02A1 172 Latin Letter Glottal Stop with Stroke/Barred Glottal Stop
ʢ ʢ U+02A2 174 Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop with Stroke/Barred Reversed Glottal Stop
ʣ ʣ U+02A3 212 Latin Small Letter DZ Digraph
ʤ ʤ U+02A4 214 Latin Small Letter DEzh Digraph
ʥ ʥ U+02A5 216 Latin Small Letter DZ Digraph with Curl
ʦ ʦ U+02A6 211 Latin Small Letter TS Digraph
ʧ ʧ U+02A7 213 Latin Small Letter TEsh Digraph
ʨ ʨ U+02A8 215 Latin Small Letter TC Digraph with Curl
ʩ ʩ U+02A9 602 Latin Small Letter FENG Digraph
ʪ ʪ U+02AA 603 Latin Small Letter LS Digraph
ʫ ʫ U+02AB 604 Latin Small Letter LZ Digraph
ʬ ʬ U+02AC Latin Letter Bilabial Percussive
ʭ ʭ U+02AD 601 Latin Letter Bidental Percussive
ʮ ʮ U+02AE Latin Small Letter Turned H with Fishhook
ʯ ʯ U+02AF Latin Small Letter Turned H with Fishhook and Tail
UnicodeSpacing Modifier Letters
文字 Unicode IPA Number 説明 実装状況
Lucida Sans Unicode Charis SIL Font MS明朝 Arial Unicode MS
ʰ ʰ U+02B0 404 Modifier Letter Small H/Superscript H ʰ ʰ
ʱ ʱ U+02B1 Modifier Letter Small H with Hook ʱ ʱ
ʲ ʲ U+02B2 421 Modifier Letter Small J/Superscript J ʲ ʲ
ʳ ʳ U+02B3 Modifier Letter Small R ʳ ʳ
ʴ ʴ U+02B4 Modifier Letter Small Turned R ʴ ʴ
ʵ ʵ U+02B5 Modifier Letter Small Turned R with Hook ʵ ʵ
ʶ ʶ U+02B6 676 Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted R ʶ ʶ
ʷ ʷ U+02B7 420 Modifier Letter Small W/Superscript W ʷ ʷ
ʸ ʸ U+02B8 496 Modifier Letter Small Y ʸ ʸ
ʹ ʹ U+02B9 Modifier Letter Prime ʹ ʹ
ʺ ʺ U+02BA Modifier Letter Double Prime ʺ ʺ
ʻ ʻ U+02BB 492 Modifier Letter Turned Comma ʻ ʻ
ʼ ʼ U+02BC 401 Modifier Letter Apostrophe ʼ ʼ
ʽ ʽ U+02BD Modifier Letter Reversed Comma ʽ ʽ
ʾ ʾ U+02BE 411 Modifier Letter Right Half Ring/Subscript Right Half-ring ʾ ʾ
ʿ ʿ U+02BF 412 Modifier Letter Left Half Ring/Subscript Left Half-ring ʿ ʿ
ˀ ˀ U+02C0 Modifier Letter Glottal Stop ˀ ˀ
ˁ ˁ U+02C1 423 Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop ˁ ˁ
˂ ˂ U+02C2 Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead ˂ ˂
˃ ˃ U+02C3 Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead ˃ ˃
˄ ˄ U+02C4 Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead ˄ ˄
˅ ˅ U+02C5 Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead ˅ ˅
ˆ ˆ U+02C6 597 Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent ˆ ˆ
ˇ ˇ U+02C7 596 Caron/Wedge ˇ ˇ
ˈ ˈ U+02C8 501 Modifier Letter Vertical Line/Vertical Stroke (Superior) ˈ ˈ
ˉ ˉ U+02C9 514 Modifier Letter Macron ˉ ˉ
ˊ ˊ U+02CA 513 Modifier Letter Acute Accent ˊ ˊ
ˋ ˋ U+02CB 515 Modifier Letter Grave Accent ˋ ˋ
ˌ ˌ U+02CC 502 Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line/Vertical Stroke (Inferior) ˌ ˌ
ˍ ˍ U+02CD 414 Modifier Letter Low Macron/Under-bar ˍ ˍ
ˎ ˎ U+02CE 598 Modifier Letter Low Grave Accent ˎ ˎ
ˏ ˏ U+02CF 599 Modifier Letter Low Acute Accent ˏ ˏ
ː ː U+02D0 503 Modifier Letter Triangular Colon/Length Mark ː ː
ˑ ˑ U+02D1 504 Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon/Half-length Mark ˑ ˑ
˒ ˒ U+02D2 Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring ˒ ˒
˓ ˓ U+02D3 Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring ˓ ˓
˔ ˔ U+02D4 429 Modifier Letter Up Tack/Raising Sign ˔ ˔
˕ ˕ U+02D5 430 Modifier Letter Down Tack/Lowering Sign ˕ ˕
˖ ˖ U+02D6 495 Modifier Letter Plus Sign/Subscript Plus ˖ ˖
˗ ˗ U+02D7 494 Modifier Letter Minus Sign ˗ ˗
˘ ˘ U+02D8 505 Breve ˘ ˘
˙ ˙ U+02D9 Dot Above ˙ ˙
˚ ˚ U+02DA 402b Ring Above/Over Ring ˚ ˚
˛ ˛ U+02DB Ogonek ˛ ˛
˜ ˜ U+02DC 424 Small Tilde ˜ ˜
˝ ˝ U+02DD 512 Double Acute Accent ˝ ˝
˞ ˞ U+02DE 419 Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook/Right Hook ˞ ˞
˟ ˟ U+02DF Modifier Letter Cross Accent ˟ ˟
ˠ ˠ U+02E0 422 Modifier Letter Small Gamma/Superscript Gamma ˠ ˠ
ˡ ˡ U+02E1 426 Modifier Letter Small L/Superscript L ˡ ˡ
ˢ ˢ U+02E2 207 Modifier Letter Small S ˢ ˢ
ˣ ˣ U+02E3 292 Modifier Letter Small X ˣ ˣ
ˤ ˤ U+02E4 423 Modifier Letter Small Reversed Glottal Stop/Superscript Reversed Glottal Stop ˤ ˤ
˥ ˥ U+02E5 519 Modifier Letter Extra-high Tone Bar ˥ ˥
˦ ˦ U+02E6 520 Modifier Letter High Tone Bar ˦ ˦
˧ ˧ U+02E7 521 Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar ˧ ˧
˨ ˨ U+02E8 522 Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar ˨ ˨
˩ ˩ U+02E9 523 Modifier Letter Extra-low Tone Bar ˩ ˩
˪ ˪ U+02EA Modifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark ˪ ˪
˫ ˫ U+02EB Modifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark ˫ ˫
ˬ ˬ U+02EC 663, 664 Modifier Letter Voicing ˬ ˬ
˭ ˭ U+02ED Modifier Letter Unaspirated ˭ ˭
ˮ ˮ U+02EE Modifier Letter Double Apostrophe ˮ ˮ
˯ ˯ U+02EF Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead ˯ ˯
˰ ˰ U+02F0 Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead ˰ ˰
˱ ˱ U+02F1 Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead ˱ ˱
˲ ˲ U+02F2 Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead ˲ ˲
˳ ˳ U+02F3 Modifier Letter Low Ring ˳ ˳
˴ ˴ U+02F4 Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent ˴ ˴
˵ ˵ U+02F5 Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent ˵ ˵
˶ ˶ U+02F6 Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent ˶ ˶
˷ ˷ U+02F7 Modifier Letter Low Tilde ˷ ˷
˸ ˸ U+02F8 Modifier Letter Raised Colon ˸ ˸
˹ ˹ U+02F9 Modifier Letter Begin High Tone ˹ ˹
˺ ˺ U+02FA Modifier Letter End High Tone ˺ ˺
˻ ˻ U+02FB Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone ˻ ˻
˼ ˼ U+02FC Modifier Letter End Low Tone ˼ ˼
˽ ˽ U+02FD Modifier Letter Shelf ˽ ˽
˾ ˾ U+02FE Modifier Letter Open Shelf ˾ ˾
U+02FF Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow ˿ ˿
UnicodeCombining Diacritical Marks
文字 Unicode IPA Number 説明 実装状況
Lucida Sans Unicode Charis SIL Font MingLiU Arial Unicode MS
ò ò U+0300 515 Combining Grave Accent ò ò
ó ó U+0301 513 Combining Acute Accent ó ó
ô ô U+0302 525 Combining Circumflex Accent ô ô
õ õ U+0303 424 Combining Tilde õ õ
ō ō U+0304 514 Combining Macron ō ō
o̅ o̅ U+0305 Combining Overline o̅ o̅
ŏ ŏ U+0306 505 Combining Breve ŏ ŏ
ȯ ȯ U+0307 493 Combining Dot Above(1976年IPAで廃止された。) ȯ ȯ
ö ö U+0308 415 Combining Diaeresis/Umlaut ö ö
ỏ ỏ U+0309 Combining Hook Above ỏ ỏ
o̊ o̊ U+030A 402b Combining Ring Above/Over Ring o̊ o̊
ő ő U+030B 512 Combining Double Acute Accent ő ő
ǒ ǒ U+030C 524 Combining Caron/Wedge ǒ ǒ
o̍ o̍ U+030D Combining Vertical Line Above o̍ o̍
o̎ o̎ U+030E Combining Double Vertical Line Above o̎ o̎
ȍ ȍ U+030F 516 Combining Double Grave Accent ȍ ȍ
o̐ o̐ U+0310 Combining Candrabindu o̐ o̐
ȏ ȏ U+0311 595 Combining Inverted Breve ȏ ȏ
o̒ o̒ U+0312 Combining Turned Comma Above o̒ o̒
o̓ o̓ U+0313 Combining Comma Above o̓ o̓
o̔ o̔ U+0314 Combining Reversed Comma Above o̔ o̔
o̕ o̕ U+0315 Combining Comma Above Right o̕ o̕
o̖ o̖ U+0316 598 Combining Grave Accent Below o̖ o̖
o̗ o̗ U+0317 599 Combining Acute Accent Below o̗ o̗
o̘ o̘ U+0318 417 Combining Left Tack Below/Advancing Sign o̘ o̘
o̙ o̙ U+0319 418 Combining Right Tack Below/Retracting Sign o̙ o̙
o̚ o̚ U+031A 427 Combining Left Angle Above/Corner o̚ o̚
ơ ơ U+031B Combining Horn ơ ơ
o̜ o̜ U+031C 412 Combining Left Half Ring Below/Subscript Left Half-ring o̜ o̜
o̝ o̝ U+031D 429 Combining Up Tack Below/Raising Sign o̝ o̝
o̞ o̞ U+031E 430 Combining Down Tack Below/Lowering Sign o̞ o̞
o̟ o̟ U+031F 413 Combining Plus Sign Below/Subscript Plus o̟ o̟
o̠ o̠ U+0320 414 Combining Minus Sign Below o̠ o̠
o̡ U+0321 498 Combining Palatalized Hook Below o̡ o̡
o̢ U+0322 489 Combining Retroflex Hook Below o̢ o̢
ọ ọ U+0323 497 Combining Dot Below ọ ọ
o̤ o̤ U+0324 405 Combining Diaeresis Below/Subscript Umlaut o̤ o̤
o̥ o̥ U+0325 402a Combining Ring Below o̥ o̥
o̦ o̦ U+0326 Combining Comma Below o̦ o̦
o̧ o̧ U+0327 Combining Cedilla o̧ o̧
ǫ ǫ U+0328 Combining Ogonek ǫ ǫ
o̩ o̩ U+0329 431 Combining Vertical Line Below/Syllabicity Mark o̩ o̩
o̪ o̪ U+032A 408 Combining Bridge Below/Subscript Bridge o̪ o̪
o̫ o̫ U+032B 499 Combining Inverted Double Arch Below o̫ o̫
o̬ o̬ U+032C 403 Combining Caron Below/Subscript Wedge o̬ o̬
o̭ o̭ U+032D Combining Circumflex Accent Below o̭ o̭
o̮ o̮ U+032E Combining Breve Below o̮ o̮
o̯ o̯ U+032F 432 Combining Inverted Breve Below/Subscript Arch o̯ o̯
o̰ o̰ U+0330 406, 683 Combining Tilde Below/Subscript Tilde o̰ o̰
o̱ o̱ U+0331 414 Combining Macron Below/Under-bar o̱ o̱
o̲ o̲ U+0332 Combining Low Line o̲ o̲
o̳ o̳ U+0333 Combining Double Low Line o̳ o̳
l̴ l̴ U+0334 428 Combining Tilde Overlay/Superimposed Tilde l̴ l̴
o̵ o̵ U+0335 Combining Short Stroke Overlay o̵ o̵
o̶ o̶ U+0336 Combining Long Stroke Overlay o̶ o̶
o̷ o̷ U+0337 Combining Short Solidus Overlay o̷ o̷
o̸ o̸ U+0338 Combining Long Solidus Overlay o̸ o̸
o̹ o̹ U+0339 411 Combining Right Half Ring Below/Subscript Right Half-ring o̹ o̹
o̺ o̺ U+033A 409 Combining Inverted Bridge Below/Inverted Subscript Bridge o̺ o̺
o̻ o̻ U+033B 410 Combining Square Below/Subscript Square o̻ o̻
o̼ o̼ U+033C 407 Combining Seagull Below/Subscript Seagull o̼ o̼
o̽ o̽ U+033D 416 Combining X above o̽ o̽
o̾ o̾ U+033E Combining Vertical Tilde o̾ o̾
o̿ o̿ U+033F 680 Combining Double Overline o̿ o̿
ò U+0340 Combining Grave Tone mark ò ò
ó U+0341 Combining Acute Tone mark ó ó
o͂ U+0342 Combining Greek Perispomeni o͂ o͂
o̓ U+0343 Combining Greek Koronis o̓ o̓
ö́ U+0344 Combining Greek Dialytika Tonos ö́ ö́
oͅ U+0345 Combining Greek Ypogegrammeni oͅ oͅ
o͆ o͆ U+0346 651 Combining Bridge Above o͆ o͆
o͇ o͇ U+0347 675 Combining Equal Sign Below o͇ o͇
o͈ o͈ U+0348 657 Combining Double Vertical Line Below o͈ o͈
o͉ o͉ U+0349 658 Combining Left Angle Below o͉ o͉
o͊ o͊ U+034A 654 Combining Not Tilde Above o͊ o͊
o͋ o͋ U+034B 655 Combining Homothetic Above o͋ o͋
o͌ o͌ U+034C 656 Combining Almost Equal To Above o͌ o͌
o͍ o͍ U+034D 652 Combining Left Right Arrow Below o͍ o͍
o͎ o͎ U+034E 660 Combining Upwards Arrow Below o͎ o͎
͏ ͏ U+034F Combining Grapheme Joiner ͏ ͏
o͐ o͐ U+0350 Combining Right Arrow Head Above o͐ o͐
o͑ o͑ U+0351 Combining Left Half Ring Above o͑ o͑
o͒ o͒ U+0352 Combining Fermata o͒ o͒
o͓ o͓ U+0353 Combining X Below o͓ o͓
o͔ o͔ U+0354 681 Combining Left Arrowhead Below o͔ o͔
o͕ o͕ U+0355 682 Combining Right Arrowhead Below o͕ o͕
o͖ o͖ U+0356 Combining Right Arrowhead And Up Arrowhead Below o͖ o͖
o͗ o͗ U+0357 Combining Right Half Ring Above o͗ o͗
o͝o o͝o U+035D Combining Double Breve o͝o o͝o
o͞o o͞o U+035E Combining Double Macron o͞o o͞o
o͟o o͟o U+035F Combining Double Macron Below o͟o o͟o
o͠o o͠o U+0360 Combining Double Tilde o͠o o͠o
o͡o o͡o U+0361 433 Combining Double Inverted Breve/Top Tie Bar o͡o o͡o
o͢o o͢o U+0362 674 Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below o͢o o͢o
oͣ oͣ U+0363 Combining Latin Small Letter A oͣ oͣ
oͤ oͤ U+0364 Combining Latin Small Letter E oͤ oͤ
oͥ oͥ U+0365 Combining Latin Small Letter I oͥ oͥ
oͦ oͦ U+0366 Combining Latin Small Letter O oͦ oͦ
oͧ oͧ U+0367 Combining Latin Small Letter U oͧ oͧ
oͨ oͨ U+0368 Combining Latin Small Letter C oͨ oͨ
oͩ oͩ U+0369 Combining Latin Small Letter D oͩ oͩ
oͪ oͪ U+036A Combining Latin Small Letter H oͪ oͪ
oͫ oͫ U+036B Combining Latin Small Letter M oͫ oͫ
oͬ oͬ U+036C Combining Latin Small Letter R oͬ oͬ
oͭ oͭ U+036D Combining Latin Small Letter T oͭ oͭ
oͮ oͮ U+036E Combining Latin Small Letter V oͮ oͮ
oͯ oͯ U+036F Combining Latin Small Letter X oͯ oͯ

The blue o and I with diacritical marks are only for demonstration.