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How to use Cirth and Tengwar fonts on Windows 2000

1999/2/22, 2007/4/11 TAKAHASHI Makoto

Download of fonts

There are Fonts of Tengwar and Cirth of Daniel Steven Smith at Dan Smith’s Fantasy Fonts for Windows(t). Unzip following files and install them into Windows 2000.
TengwarNoldor_v19E.zip“Tengwar Noldor” Fonts
TengwarQuenya_v19E.zip“Tengwar Quenya” Fonts
TengwarSindarin_v19E.zip“Tengwar Sindarin” Fonts
CirthErebor_v11b.zipCirth Fonts


If you install fonts, you can see

If you are using Internet Explorer,

Kind permission of Dan Smith to embed his font into Web pages is greatly appreciated.

Daniel Steven Smith’s Tengwar(t) was referred.

To represent Japanese by Tengwar

There are two ways of represent Japanese by Latin alphabet. And there are two ways to represent vowel. According to that, are made.


Daniel Steven Smith’s fonts are Postcard-ware. You must send a postcard or letter (using an attractive or interesting stamp) to address that you can find at Daniel Steven Smith’s page.