List of Pages of Tolkienists

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Pages about Tolkien Books

The Tolkien Society(t) You can join The Tolkien Society from this page. And You can buy Tolkien Books also.

Dan Smith’s Fantasy Fonts for Windows(D) Dan Smith’s Tolkien Fonts page. You can find Cirth and Tengwar fonts.

suchowan’s Home Page SUGA Takashi made the program corresponding the Shire Calendar to Gregorian Calendar.

Shire Post Post Office in the Shire. A proposal to correspond the Shire calendar to the Gregorian calendar is adopted.

the online Tolkien bibliography Precise list of Books of Tolkien.

Pages about Games and Music about Tolkien

Propaganda from Mercury(p) Kadu’s page about Middle-earth role playing game.

[RogueLike@lab3]RogueLike@lab3 page Page about games serching dungeons.

Ringzone(M) Patrice Deceuninck’s music inspired from Tolkien is available.

Web Sites introducing The Red Dragon

Yahoo! Tolkien’s Bibliography page of Yahoo!(y) Go to and vote for The Red Dragon

Cabed-en-Aras Page of Stian Ulvan Hugo Julius Keijzer’s Tolkien link page

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