Instrumentation Project for The Lord of the Rings

2005.2.11 TAKAHASHI Makoto

A list of points said in Red Dragon Mailing list, A Big BBS, and etc about errors of The Lord of the Rings in the printing bellow.
  In this page correction proposal is expressed in Manued. Please refer Manued.

PAGECurrent expression and proposed oneExplanationFounder
9Outside the Farthings were the East and West Marches: the Buckland (p. 97); and the Westmarch added to the Shire in S.R. 14[6/5]2.Table of p. 1092 says 1452.
1039  In his time the Rohirrim came to Calenardhon.
Hallas 2605,
Line including ‘Hallas’ formatted as title line. But this is not so.SAS
10682594-2680 5. Fr[ë/é]awine.
1116In the following examples the stressed vowel is marked by a capital letter: isIldur, Orome, erEssëa, f[/Ë]anor, ancAlima, elent[/Á]ri; dEnethor, periAnnath, ecthElion, pelArgir, silIvren. Words of the type elent[/Á]ri ‘star-queen’ seldom occur in Quenya where the vowel is é, á, ó, unless (as in this case) they are compounds; they are commoner with the vowels í, ú, as and[/Ú]ne ‘sunset, west’.SAS
1143Fallohide[/s]In text plural form is used when used as noun, such as Stoors or Harfoots.
1146[M/m]ûmakIn p.675, mûmak is treated as a common noun.
1154Tower of the [/(Setting)] Sun’Tower of Setting Sun‘ is appeared in p.244.
Tower of the [/(Rising)] Moon‘Tower of Rising Moon’ is appeared in p.244
Withywindle [River/(River)]There are no ‘Withywindle River’ or ‘River Withywindle’ in text. Only ‘the Withywindle’ is Appeared. So same format as ‘Limlight’ is prefered.
1155[A/a]thelasIn p.336, athelas is treated as a common noun.

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